EKA Launch new “Licence to Alter” Team www.licencetoalter.com

Are you a Landlord or Property Manager? Responsible for administering or providing consent for Leaseholder Alterations?

We can help you protect the Landlords Interests by:

  • Providing an independent assessment of the Leaseholder’s proposals and preparing a detailed highlighting the impact and any long-term implications of the Leaseholder’s works;
  • Ensuring the alterations will not have a negative long-term impact on the building fabric or adversely affect other occupiers;
  • Ensuring that the formal consent contains appropriate Terms and Conditions;
  • Liaising with all interested Stakeholders, to ensure that the Licence application process is dealt with efficiently to avoid claims for delays;
  • Monitoring the works to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and good workmanship.

Are you a Leaseholder Owner, seeking consent for Alterations?

We can help you:

  • Guide you through the Licence application process and prepare and submit comprehensive applications for Landlords Consent, ensuring the right information is provided to minimise delays;
  • Ensure that the landlords Consent is obtained promptly and is not unreasonably withheld;
  • Ensure that the terms and conditions of the consent cover the works and are not onerous to avoid any future complications, such as at the time of Sale.

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EKA are expert in all Licence to Alter and Freeholder Consent matters.

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