Licence to Alter for 17th century mansion

A rather unique licence to alter application for a 17th century mansion house between Kings Road and Fulham Road in Chelsea

This is very much a unique 17th century, eight-bedroom Georgian house in the heart of Chelsea, part of a prestigious gated development of houses and apartments between Kings Road and Fulham Road, with its own driveway. We have carried out licence to alter work here for many years, mainly to apartments, so this was extra special.

A freehold house? Why would that need a licence to alter? Despite its freehold tenure, it is subject to restrictive covenants in the title deeds and any structural alterations require consent from the freeholder of this self-managed scheme. The house is Grade II* listed too, so there are addition hurdles to jump over there.

Purchased at £10m in 2005 (including a swimming pool and Chelsea’s third largest private garden at the time, reportedly), it is estimated that the house has a market value of around £60m. It was last restored 20 years ago, so a full renovation is ongoing, hence EK Licence to Alter’s involvement as the client’s retained LTA surveyor.

When the whole site was redeveloped around 20 years ago, the house in question was extended and abutted another residence, but despite this, no cutting into the party walls is required for the ongoing works, therefore no need for party wall agreements. A schedule of condition was carried out to both properties nonetheless, mainly due to the possibility that vibrational damage may be caused.

Major structure works are ongoing, including the necessity for the removal of a goalpost frame, which comprises two columns and a cross beam bolted to them, and replacement with a single span beam. The client will consider the appointment of their own advising structural engineer, the cost of which would be borne by the house owner.

Our role at EK Licence to Alter is to provide that all important licence to alter in line with the restricted covenants and inspect at key stages. We have extensive experience of alterations to Grade listed properties, albeit these are for apartments in grade listed blocks of flats, hence this case is rather unusual.

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