Don’t let Licence to Alter Drive you up the Wall

The number of leaseholders seeking permission to alter their apartments are on the rise. This has been driven by the need for more homeworking space, perhaps a children’s playroom, or simply to capitalise on the value created from an alteration.  Building surveyors and property managers are seeing more sophistication and ingenuity in effecting those changes, … Read more

Licence to Alter and Freeholder Consent

CONSERVATORIES AND OTHER EXTENSIONS TO YOUR GARDEN FLAT: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Building a conservatory or similar extension in the garden of your ground floor flat can seem like a straightforward project. Some conservatories can be erected in just a week. But the process is more complicated than it appears: there are both technical … Read more

EKA Launch new “Licence to Alter” Team

Are you a Landlord or Property Manager? Responsible for administering or providing consent for Leaseholder Alterations? We can help you protect the Landlords Interests by: Providing an independent assessment of the Leaseholder’s proposals and preparing a detailed highlighting the impact and any long-term implications of the Leaseholder’s works; Ensuring the alterations will not have a negative … Read more

Licences to Alter / Tenant Alterations / Landlord’s Consent

Earl Kendrick recently conducted a straw poll among ten of our property management clients. The question was simple: ‘Which part of your work do you most dread?”. It may not surprise you that seven chose ‘Licences to Alter’. The whole process of Licences to Alter is paved with issues – both technical and diplomatic. The key … Read more