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For landlords and commercial property managers, we’ll take the technical and procedural stresses away.

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EK Licence to Alter

Why Partner With Us?

EKA have completed the fit out of high quality office space in Portman Square, Central London.

Fast, efficient and cost effective

Swift and tried-and-tested procedures help to preserve good landlord and tenant relations, whilst managing tenant expectations. Cost undertakings are sought early on, with the tenant being made aware of their liabilities irrespective of the works proceeding. Retrospective consents are dealt with decisively.


Seamless interface with stakeholders

Communication is key, especially with potentially a dozen stakeholders/participants involved. You may be dealing with your client and a superior landlord too, so let us take the strain. And for an application from a sub-tenant, we will seek approval from the tenant and process a tripartite agreement. In multi-let properties such as shopping centres and offices, interface works may be needed with landlord plant and equipment – more stakeholders to liaise with.

Technical expertise

Unrivalled technical expertise

Assimilating complex and contentious proposals, leases, plans, local authority approvals and specifications is our speciality, as is compliance with DDA and H&S legislation, and works outside of the tenant’s demise (wayleaves and easements). Technical oversight includes liaison with solicitors, managing agents, insurance brokers and other third party experts such as structural or M&E engineers and H&S and sustainability consultants.

A hand-holding service start to finish

Whether the tenant application is for the installation of a satellite dish or full fit-out works, we will support you throughout the process, ensuring the lease terms are strictly adhered to, financial bonds and warranties are organised where necessary, and plans are made for eventual reinstatement. We also act for tenants, navigating the minefield that is licence to alter.

Licence to Alter Workshop

We are committed to sharing knowledge and increasing your understanding and awareness of the licence to alter process and its many intricacies. We appreciate how licence to alter impacts on your role as a property manager and we want to make it easier for you.

Our licence to alter workshops share that knowledge with you and start a conversation to bespoke our procedures to how YOU work. Our licence to alter workshops include:

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With a collective 50 years’ experience, having agreed many hundreds of consents and counting, EK Licence to Alter’s proven and rigorously-tested approach to demised alterations is what allows us to deliver remarkable results.

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