Licence to Alter Brochure

We have compiled all our LTA services into one handy document, however please feel free to contact us if there is something further you want to ask.


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Construction of Conservatories & Rear Extensions

Building a conservatory or similar extension in the garden of your ground floor flat can seem like a straightforward project. Some conservatories can be erected in just a week. But the process is more complicated than it appears: there are both technical and legal issues that must be considered before any work commences. Whether you are a Leaseholder planning a conservatory in your own flat, a Landlord or Property Manager responsible for a property, or a Solicitor appointed to prepare the Licence to Alter for such alterations, this fact sheet covers the key points to bear in mind.


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Typical Leaseholder Works — the Big 3! A Guide for Leaseholders

In order to protect the freeholder's interests and those of other leaseholders/tenants, most residential leases restrict the leaseholder's rights to alter premises.


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All you need to know about Macerators

In simple terms, a macerator is a pump that drives water and liquid waste from one part of a property to another.


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Considerations for hard floor finishes in residential blocks

This fact sheet highlights the issues that must be considered when developing proposals to install hard floor finishes in residential blocks, the requirements for acoustic performance and the likely basis of any landlords consent.


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