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We have extensive experience working both with property managers and with architects and developers, and the expertise to guide you through the Party Wall process.

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EK McQuade is the product of a merger between the existing Party Wall side of Earl Kendrick’s business and Party Wall specialists McQuade Property Consultancy. Like all successful mergers, it builds on the strengths of both parties to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

EK McQuade’s two directors embody the firm’s strengths on both sides of Party Wall matters. Michael McQuade is a developer in his own right, used to working closely with other developers and architects, and Julian Davies is a leading light in the world of building surveying for the property management sector, with an intimate understanding of what property managers need in a building surveyor. Between them, they have developed a bespoke system to offer an unparalleled Party Wall service to both Building Owners and Adjoining Owners.

We have extensive experience working both with property managers and with architects and developers, and the expertise to guide you through the Party Wall process whether you are a Building Owner or Adjoining Owner.

Earl Kendrick have the market presence and knowledge of the property business across the residential and commercial sectors — including Party Wall matters — to get the new business off to a flying start. And as a business focused on Party Wall matters, McQuade bring a solid client base, unparalleled expertise and bespoke and efficient processes that are tried and tested to ensure a successful resolution to Party Wall matters every time.

EK McQuade will be focused solely on Party Wall matters. Its dedicated team, drawing on the best of both merging companies, will provide strengthened Party Wall expertise to existing clients of both companies as well as seeking new business. We are confident that we now offer the best Party Wall services available in London and the South East, and look forward to working with a variety of new and old clients.

The merger will build on excellent synergies between the two merging companies, which share a friendly and personal approach as well as expertise and professionalism that is second to none. In keeping with the forward-looking and innovative approach of both merging companies, EK McQuade will also place a premium on training and education of younger members of the team to ensure we offer the best possible service both now and well into the future.

A Party Wall is one shared by buildings or flats belonging to different owners, or a garden wall built along a boundary.

If a building owner wants to make alterations to their property that affect a party wall, they are required by the Party Wall Act to notify the owner of the adjoining property. EK McQuade has a team of experts to help either party negotiate this process with a minimum of fuss.

We ensure nothing requiring express consent is missed and that anything that could affect a neighbouring property is identified. Where appropriate we also obtain advice from other specialists.

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