Bearing the Load: Structural Alterations in Leasehold Apartments

Structural works in apartment licence to alter

Navigating the process of making alterations to a leasehold apartment involves more than just having a vision; it requires careful coordination and permission from various parties, starting with the landlord. The first step in this journey is obtaining a ‘licence to alter’, a critical form of consent that leaseholders must secure from the building’s landlord … Read more

Damage Control: Navigating Apartment Alterations Challenges

Leasehold apartment living means the sound of hammering, sawing, drilling, and the occasional swear word from a frustrated contractor, is not uncommon. These are the signs of change, of improvement, or so we hope. All works carried out in an apartment can, and often do, lead to some level of disruption for other residents. It’s … Read more

Licence to do what?!?!

Licence to do what?! Working as a building surveyor gives you some fascinating insights into how people live and what makes them tick. We’re often in and out of people’s homes, after all, and we’re trained to be observant! But perhaps there’s no aspect of a surveyor’s job more revealing than working on licence to … Read more

Licence to Alter: Retrospective consent

While any competent surveyor will advise when licence to alter is required, it is ultimately the responsibility of the leaseholder to obtain a licence when necessary before undertaking alterations. A contractor is unlikely to ask for the relevant consent paperwork before beginning work, so in purely practical terms, it is perfectly possible to carry out … Read more

Licence to Alter: the streamlined ‘desktop’ process for landlords

Generally speaking, it is unlikely that a lease will specify that the landlord should instruct a surveyor to physically visitthe site as part of the process of preparing a licence to alter. The job of the landlord’s surveyor is not, typically, to overseethe leaseholder’s works. It is to review the works the leaseholder is proposing … Read more

Brighton Property Management Boot Camp

Event Details Venue: 68 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL Date: 30/03/2017 Time: 14:30 Seeking consent for alterations that are made, or intended to be made, to a flat is one of the most common day-to-day issues that every property manager, landlord and leaseholder need to fully understand. A “Licence to Alter” is the term given to the consent … Read more